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All the best to the Evolve Endurance Club

One year ago, our CSR department decided to finance a significantly large project, the setting up of a running club in Malta (Evolve Endurance Club), in order to achieve our social responsibility goals and give something back to the community in which we operate.

We are proud to say that we succeeded. Evolve is today the largest running club in our island, and with a successful first season. We supported this initiative with two main aims, to provide the much needed financial support to young and talented athletes in reaching their athletic goals and also to support obese people who are willing to change and live a healthy lifestyle.  We intend to set an example, and provide the necessary financial support for these charity/social responsible causes. 

Today, Evolve has grown enough to stand on its own feet, and does not need our financial support any longer to bring forward the common values we shared during this initial year. It is now time for AQA Capital to find other clubs/associations that need our help to reach a common goal; that of doing something good for the Maltese people.  A special thanks goes to the coach Has Kesra (the engine behind the club) and to all our athletes. Their success and commitment contributed  to bring people closer to sport.

AQA Capital will remain the main sponsor for the full 2020 season with the same commitment as before and the entire team of AQA Capital wishes all the athletes to continue recording their personal best!

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